Energy Efficient

Modern air conditioning units utilise a number of built in measures designed to keep your costs & emissions low. Almost all systems – unless otherwise requested – are reverse cycle, as these offer one of the most economical ways to heat your home today.

  • Climate control allows you to set the temperature just right
  • Inverter technology means the unit is aware of the ambient temperature indoors & outdoors and adjusts itself to suit, ensuring your unit is never working any harder than necessary
  • Timing options allow you to heat & cool at certain times of the day or night, with wifi and mobile making this even more convenient
  • Motion sensors on certain models can detect movement and switch on or off accordingly
  • Third party efficiency monitors (i.e. MEPS) ensure air conditioners adhere to strict energy use/environmental policies

You can read more about environmentally friendly air conditioning units on Mitsubishi's website:

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